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About the Council of Cities

2011 San Mateo County Council of Cities Officers:

Marge Colapietro
(Vice-Mayor, Millbrae City Council)

Vice Chair:
Maryann Moise Derwin
(Vice-Mayor, Town of Portola Valley)

Kelly Fergusson
(Councilmember City of Menlo Park)

Cities in San Mateo County

The San Mateo County Council of Cities is an association of all 20 cities in San Mateo County. It meets monthly, except for August, to discuss matters of mutual concern and hear speakers on topics of interest. Agendas for meetings and speakers are determined by Council of Cities officers.

The City Selection Committee is a separate group composed of the mayors of all 20 cities or their designated voting representatives. It meets as needed to appoint or nominate representatives to county and regional associations. Agendas for meetings are set by the chair of the Council of Cities, who also serves as the chair of the City Selection Committee. They are distributed by the secretary of the City Selection Committee, Rebecca (Becky) Romero, who works in the county manager’s office. She also conducts the elections. Council members interested in seeking an appointment or nomination should send a letter of interest to her at not less than 10 days prior to date of the meeting at which the election will take place.






Daly City

East Palo Alto

Foster City

Half Moon Bay


Menlo Park



Portola Valley

Redwood City

San Bruno

San Carlos

San Mateo

South San Francisco


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